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The men who wear it quickly are all mine.

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So, that scar, only he and Tian Mi know. After being surprised by Tian Mi's identity, Sima Qingkong was more happy. Because at that time Bai Yang was inadvertently taken away by Wei Chi, and he suffered from no way to take down the bloodthirsty religion. Tian Mi is his sister, so it's much more convenient. Therefore, Sima Qingkong asked Tian Mi to cooperate with him, as long as he entered the bloodthirsty religion, there was a way to eliminate the bloodthirsty religion. Tian Mi of course does not agree, if the bloodthirsty religion is not important to her, she will not care about the existence of the bloodthirsty religion. But the bloodthirsty religion was very important to her, and there was a very important person who had lived in her heart since she was six years old, Yuchi Wuxin. But after Sima Qingkong told her a great truth, he promised that he would never hurt Yuchi Wuxin. He just took the poplar away and defeated the Bloodthirsty Sect, so that the Bloodthirsty Sect was not so powerful and no longer endangered Wulin. Then he took her away and told her not to live a life of fighting and killing. In fact, she was tired of this kind of life. She was not a bloodthirsty person in her bones. She longed for peace. Therefore, Sima Qingkong's words were too tempting to her. If other people say these words, Tian Mi will certainly ignore, but Sima Qingkong is her brother, her only relative, how can she not believe. So, she agreed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, according to the request of Sima Qingkong, she gave Yuchi Wuxin what he said, just let people make less than 50% of the internal force of the powder medicine. But in fact, Sima Qingkong knew how powerful Yuchi Wuxin was, so the medicine given to Tian Mi was several times heavier, which led to Yuchi Wuxin's great loss of vitality. Then Sima Qingkong succeeded in leaving with Bai Yang, but he ignored Tian Mi. But Tian Mi's betrayal is seen through, Yuchi unintentionally put her in the dungeon,Magnesium Oxide price, asked to let her suffer. Chapter 75 strategy cult hero (2). Finally, Tian Mi was successfully tortured to death. After Bai Yang left the Bloodthirsty Sect, he accidentally heard that Yuchi had no intention of being injured. Running back to the bloodthirsty religion again, Yuchi Wuxin was very moved. After an affectionate confession, Yuchi inadvertently dismissed the bloodthirsty religion and went to visit the mountains and rivers with the poplars. he。 Host's wish is to kill Sima Qingkong. This is to let Tian Mi some surprise, after all, Sima Qingkong is her brother, even if left her, also did not hate to let the body to kill Sima Qingkong point? But the host body in the heart to send out the hatred of Sima Qingkong, but it is very strong, do not know why the host body to kill Sima Qingkong. However, Tian Mi said that she would try her best to fulfill her wish. It's just, why wouldn't she know? 0051? "Host, system failure ~" Tian Mi rolled her eyes and was too lazy to pay attention to it. Well, even though she hasn't killed anyone yet. But with the memory of the host, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, the feeling of killing, as if, let Tian Mi feel some pleasure. I was frightened by Tian Mi's idea and shivered. The host has such a heavy taste. Is it really good? However, Tian Mi looked at her current situation and searched her memory, and found that the plot was almost over! Wait for the heroine Bai Yang to come back to find Wei Chi unintentionally, and then he, okay? "0051, tell me, is your system out of order again this time?" "That ~ ~ that ~ ~ host, yes, the transmission is wrong.". Originally, according to the level of the host, you don't have to complete this difficult task. The host can rest assured that 0051 will try its best to provide convenience for the host! "Then let me finish the task directly." "Well, that won't do." Tian Mi rolled her eyes, felt pain all over her body, and was tied up. She had just received the plot and integrated into her memory, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She studied the plot and found that she still had a chance to turn over. In a few days, Yuchi will come to see her unintentionally and ask her to spare her life as long as she kills Sima Qingkong. But in the plot, Tian Mi refused. Now it's her, and she can't wait. So now she just has to wait for Yuchi Wuxin to come. As for the poplar, we can't let her go back to the bloodthirsty cult. Originally, Yuchi Wuxin just liked the poplar, but when the poplar came back, it really touched Yuchi Wuxin. In the plot, Sima Qingkong is not the only male partner. There is also a very heavyweight male partner, that is, Bai Yang's master, the medical immortal.
The doctor's name was Zhu You, who was twelve years older than Bai Yang. At the age of eighteen, Zhu You picked up a six-year-old Bai Yang and accepted him as an apprentice. It could have been an article about the love between master and apprentice, but it was unintentionally stolen by Yuchi. Tian Mi felt that if there was no unintentional Yuchi in the plot, Bai Yang would probably be with his master. Originally, Zhu You thought that when Bai Yang was sixteen years old, they would get married. But did not expect the poplar would secretly run out of the valley of medicine, and later fell in love with the leader of the bloodthirsty religion. In the plot, Zhu You came out to look for the poplar, which was just when Sima Qingkong rescued the poplar. At that time, Zhu You was going to take the poplar back to Yigu, but when the poplar heard that Sima Qingkong had seriously injured Yuchi Wuxin, he refused his master and ran back to the bloodthirsty religion, because Zhu You cared too much about the poplar, so he didn't want it to be sad. Finally, he chose to be sad and returned to Yigu alone. Tian Mi asks 0051 to find a way to let Bai Yang and Zhu You go back to Yigu, and not to let her know that Yuchi was unintentionally injured. This is relatively easy for 0051. As a result, the plot began to change. In the villa of the leader of the alliance When Bai Yang heard that his master had come, he was happy and afraid at the same time. After all, she ran out secretly, but she came out for half a year,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and she really missed her master very much. When she followed the servant to the side hall, she saw a man in white with an indifferent look and elegant features sitting upright. Sitting next to him was a handsome man in Tsing Yi, who looked very heroic. Master ~ "Bai Yang walked to the side of the man in white and called out timidly.". Zhu You saw her as early as before the poplar entered the side hall. He was angry when she sneaked out of the Medical Valley. But he still gave her half a year to play crazily. He secretly decided to let her play for half a year and take her back to Yigu to get married.


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